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Class Descriptions

Group Classes are limited to four people for matwork and small studio equipment and two people for reformer and large studio equipment. This will ensure a personal and tailored session for all our clients.

In order to offer a personalised service throughout the class to all my clients, class capacity is limited to four participants per class.

Essential / Beginner Matwork 
A great starting point for beginners, people who are recovering from an injury or those wanting to fine-tune their technique. The Essential Matwork class teaches the Five Basic Principles of the STOTT PILATES ® method, and builds a foundation of exercises required to move on to the next level. This mat-based workout is designed to help participants develop leaner, longer-looking muscles, establish core strength and stability and heighten mind-body awareness. Props may be incorporated to add variety. Participants are welcome to stay in the Essential Matwork class until they feel confident enough to enter the Essential/Intermediate class.  (Unisex Class)

Essential/Intermediate Matwork
This class focuses on improving deep core strength, endurance and control. Exercises are selected to challenge mobility and stabilization through the core and peripheral muscles while adding flexibility and suppleness to your body. Resistance props are incorporated to add variety and familiarity. (Unisex Class)


Dynamic Matwork

Dynamic Mat Pilates will enable you to have a functional workout that will strengthen your whole body.

This class is a multi level mat based class which will challenge your whole body, by utilizing props like foam rollers, mini stability balls, hand weights, fitness circles and flex bands. 

Appropriate for beginners and improvers with options offered for different fitness and skill levels. (Unisex Class)

Post Natal Matwork

This class is designed to re-strengthen the pelvic floor, deep abdominals, lower back and gluteal muscles. In addition, exercises to strengthen and mobilise the upper back and shoulder girdle will also be incorporated, as holding, lifting and feeding baby often fatigues these muscles.

Pilates for Pregnancy Matwork

The focus of Pilates for Pregnancy class is the postural changes that occur to mum throughout her pregnancy. 

As pregnancy progresses the muscles that make up your core (abdominal, back, pelvic floor and gluteal muscles), plus the muscles that help support you, your frame and the weight of the growing baby become stressed and extremely challenged. 

Pilates movements will focus on posture, strengthening the core muscles and breathing exercises to work the diaphragm muscle. 

Pilates exercises provide an ideal preparation for the body before labour and can play an important role in the body’s recovery after labour.

Women’s Wellness Matwork

Women’s Wellness classes will utilise exercises suitable for the Mid-Life Client. 
The focus of the class will be on improving deep core and pelvic floor strength, with a strong emphasis on exercises to challenge the cardiovascular system. 
Learning how to use the Breath to tackle the inner self, and have positive effects on stress, self confidence, energy systems and positivity.

Age Well - Pilates for the Older Client

Pilates is a muscle strengthening program for everyone, and is adaptable depending on individual ability and fitness levels. Age Well Pilates is for the 60 years plus, client. The class focuses on strength, balance, posture and co-ordination.  Props will be used to challenge the client, when required. (Unisex Class)

Private Pilates Session

To get the best out of Pilates, a 1-2-1 or 2-1 (Duet) Session is an excellent way to achieve your Personal Fitness or Sports Specific Goals. 

Teresa caters for her individual clients, male and female, with bespoke programs, re-addressing musculoskeletal issues that may occur due to postural imbalances.
Teresa provides a fully equipped STOTT PILATES ® studio.  The equipment includes the V2 Max Rehab Reformer ™. The reformer facilitates limitless exercise possibilities. It is a multi-planar biomechanics training machine, offering variable angles of resistance, in order to strengthen muscles and mobilize the spine and all peripheral joints.
In addition the Vertical Frame, Ladder Barrel, and Stability Chair, enable’s you to have a workout tailored specifically to your needs. 
Your First Session includes a thorough case history, clinical examination postural analysis and introduction to pilates and the reformer.

1-2-1 Clinical Pilates

As a Registered Osteopath Teresa is able to offer Clinical Pilates sessions for Sports Injury and Post Surgery Rehabilitation, as well as Neurological and Musculoskeletal Condition’s:

“The Pink Ribbon Program” – Post Surgery Breast Cancer Rehabilitation 

Post Surgery Rehabilitation – Knees, Hips, Shoulders, Ankles, Spinal

Neurological Condition’s – Multiple Sclerosis, Stokes, & Parkinsons

Post Injury Rehabilitation – Muscle sprains & tears, ligament strains & tears, tendinopathies, Muscle & biomechanical imbalances, patella mal-tracking, & overuse injuries. 

Women’s Wellness – Diastasis Recti, Urinary incontinence, & Pelvic Floor (episiotomy, prolapse). 

Musculoskeletal Condition’s – Ankylosing Spondylitis, Scoliosis, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica), Spinal Stenosis,  Disc Issues & Back Care